In My Shoes ft. Lo Miller

Inspirational Explorer | Founder of Can’t Stay Put
I was in the middle of the infamous “quater-life” crisis us millennials suffer through. I was unsatisfied with my life and was yearning for purpose. I wanted to share with the world something that was specific to me. After months of praying, I finally decided to put in my notice at work and as a gift to myself I traveled to Maui shortly afterwards. Using the experience as my version of Eat, Pray, Love. I had my A-ha moment while walking through the bamboo forest. Cliche, I know! But I realized my purpose was to do exactly what I was doing. Inspire others through my experiences around the world. And then I thought about my life. It wasn’t a coincidence I started flying by myself at 5, or had traveled to multiply countries throughout my life, or that I was always the designated trip planner, or that I was always taking advantage of opportunities that required me to travel, or that I bought a ticket with sky miles only at 13. That was it! Travel was specific to me and out of that self-discovery CAN’T STAY PUT was born. CAN’T STAY PUT is about not being complacent, not sitting still, not letting life hold you back. With a primary focus on young creative millennials, it’s about learning, following your dreams, seeking out new experiences, growing, evolving—essentially not staying put!


I traveled to Nicaragua in 2010 on a Business Mission Trip with the Wake Forest University Business School. One of our assignments was to meet and consult with local business owners. We visited a shoe-maker who supplied the boots for the Nicaraguan Army. His shop didn’t have the latest technology but it was authentically his with the smell of fresh leather in every corner. In one room shoes were lined up by sizes. The latest batch. I asked how much? 7 American dollars. No brainer. I got them.


Fast Forward 2 years or so… 2013, when I quit my job to start Can’t Stay Put, I started to wear sort of a uniform that always included my boots. I had a real rugged, tomboyish, “I’m going to work” look. After all, I was starting to build a business and brand. My daily fit was the least of my worries. I was tomboy chic. Next thing I knew they became my travel shoes.



My Can’t Stay Put shirt, leggins, and my boots. I wore them everywhere. They were indeed my signature, so much so that they’re part of the 1st CSP logo. It was only right.


California Fire Escape

Soaking up the view on the fire escape of my apartment. I would soon later break my lease in an effort to build Can’t Stay Put vowing not to sign another lease until I was getting paid to do what I wanted to do. Cali


The day I received my first financial contribution for the 1st official Can’t Stay Put trip after many failed attempts. My luck soon got better.


The day I departed for Hong Kong. The 1st destination on the 1st official Can’t Stay Put trip.


Thailand Tuk Tuk- The primary mode of transportation in Thailand





Cambodia Tuk Tuk