ALWAYS ON! What does that really mean? The other guys (aka big agencies) will say, “Always on means we’re always there for our clients.” We say, being a boutique agency means that we must always be on our A game (no pun intended).
We believe, we are contributing to our clients’ bottom lines at all times because by nature we are built to always be exploring, always be creating, and to always be developing ourselves to be the best digital marketers that we can be. That’s why for the past 12 years, over 300 clients have trusted us and our open forum for creativity policy. Come discover your identity with us. #alwayson


putting the human in agency


the studio

Our space has transformed and grown with the team year after year. We’ve created an environment that provokes energy, positivity, team work, inspiration and of course fun and comfort. The SPACE™️ is designed to be a contemporary art gallery while providing our staff with the tools needed to ‘always be creating’(ABC). Our pride rides on the joy of our crew being happy in the environment they work in.


a history of lifestyle disguised in design & innovative content


Inside MIX206 is our blog. Our blog acts as an insider of MIX206. Mix206 is the name of our studio. Get it yet? Click the link below to read blog posts written by the members of The Artoholiks. These posts cover a range of categories, including creative tutorials, culture, branding and marketing insights, things in the world that we like, and announcements.

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The Artoholiks are old! I mean 2002 old, we have photos to prove it. Visit our Tumblr archives for nostalgic documentation of our clubhouse and club history.

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Face it… Designers like to see their work on stuff. So we put our designs on some stuff. If you like design and stuff, then you’ll love the ARTO SHOP.

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Classic!?!? We’re talking about classics? Our signature tee has been rocked by more than 200 folks and has traveled across America, to Jamaica, and all the way to the middle east. From girls night out to alma mater parties. Our ART IS DOPE tee is the tee you should have if you love ART and The Artoholiks.

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If the children are our future, then we need to whip them into shape. We’re always looking for youngsters to come bless the studio with new energy and perspective.

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We make videos for our clients for money. We also make videos for ourselves for free, hoping that you’ll see them, like them, and then ask us to make you one.

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