Call us your waste management company…

It won’t always be the prettiest job, but it’s needed. On time, done right, and out of your way!

OK, OK… Waste management might be too harsh and our friend Marquita of How I Grew Today, might be offended. See, we’re not saying that this project is trash at all. However, her new project ‘The SEED’ is majority management and little design. When you think of THE ARTOHOLIKS, you think… Cool graphics, videos and photos right? When Marquita came to us to help her with her new video series, she had already did the fun part by having someone else create the videos.

So, where did that leave us? Management! Yup, we were hired to consult and help deploy these videos. So while this isn’t our norm, it still allowed us to be creative by…

  • Producing a social media calendar and plan
  • Developing additional creative assets
  • Managing the process of content distribution
  • Monitoring social engagement

The reason we have no problem calling this a waste management project is simple. Unlike our web projects, branding projects or any other design jobs that we work on, Marquita, needs us, while those other jobs pose a ‘WANT’ greater than a ‘NEED’. People want to work with us because we’re young, cool, seasoned, flexible and a ton of other reasons, but they don’t always need us. The SEED is a perfect project right now for us because we are now in a place where we NEED our clients to NEED us. This type of project is no longer subject to subjective opinions, this project is all about the FACTS.
Moral of the story? Be needed, be a waste management company and stay in business.