Yup, we got digital on ya!

Back in April of this year, we announced that we dived into the digital ocean by offering a new range of online services to our existing clients such as How I Grew Today and Scotch Porter. Read that article here to catch up. And now it’s safe to say that we’re still swimming, pushing through the currents, and slowly but surely delivering added success to our clients’ businesses. Since then, some new clients came aboard and turned our tiny boat into a powerful machine that has sparked some pretty decent numbers. Below is some of the work we performed and how it generated positive results.

The Scotch Porter Digest

A Sunday morning e-blast publication featuring the latest lifestyle news from the Scotch Porter Journal (which we write and edit), content pulled from the brand’s Social Media (which we manage), and last but not least, a product feature. But, our tasks don’t stop there… We pull this publication together via design, content development, planning, scheduling, and deploying every week. Sorry for the braggadocious parentheses but a closed mouth don’t get fed. Right?

In July, the Scotch Porter Digest established monthly records in open rates (10%+) and click rates (0.5%). The four newsletters also generated over $2,000 in revenue. Lastly, we noticed the best open and click rates occurred in the afternoon versus early mornings.

10,000($) in sales

Since the start of the program ?

The Seed & The Seed Feeds

Back in April we called this job our waste management service, and we weren’t kidding. While it sounds like a joke, it’s very much real. Our use of the term waste management service has nothing to do with our beloved client and everything to do with the necessity and fundamental tasks this job entails. Not every client will need our amazing creative minds for every inch of their projects. But the fact that we can assist in other ways is very powerful. For How I Grew Today, we simply take her amazing video episodes and chop them down into snackable pieces of content. Out of a single two-minute video, we are able to create Instagram stories, episode teasers, and graphic cards for ads and promotions. Last but not least, we manage the entire video content series syndication across YouTube, HowIGrewToday.com, email blast, and all of her social media platforms. So, why is this valuable? Her talented videographer isn’t in the business of doing any of the above except for shooting and editing the videos.

30% increase in engagement across all platforms combined

Instagram, Facebook, Email, and .com

Pokka Pens & Lucid Bless

Good news spreads fast! Back in June, we acquired two new clients who needed help with their digital platforms. Pokka Pens came knocking first… We help Pokka with a lot of their branding needs but throughout the process, we learned that Pokka needed some digital tools such as email and social media content. Here’s how we’re helping the cute pen brand. Shortly after, along came Lucid Bliss, a premium hair care product for women who battle with alopecia and general hair loss. The brand is owned by a celebrity hairstylist who already manages two of her other Instagram profiles, one personal and one salon. So she hired THE ARTOHOLIKS to manage the product’s profile by creating and deploying content.

1,500($) in automation emails

abandoned cart series, welcome series, and monthly activations

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