Arto Day 2018 was pretty amazing. We planned the day with hopes of sharing a good time with everyone that The Artoholiks holds near and dear, fellow Artoholiks and clients (past and current). We called it “the Field Day you’ve been waiting for…” And that’s exactly what it was, but the adult version. Yes, there was even a ‘field-day-shirt’. After working our asses off in the first half of 2018, we wanted a chance to kick back and unwind with the whole crew.

We ate, drank, played an INTENSE game of volleyball, it got really real, really quick. There was slick talk, diving, sliding, and a few collisions. And to top it all off, we gave out Artoholik trophies. Everyone had a great time and we have the pictures to prove it.

We’ve started something that we hope never stops. We’re already planning the 2nd Annual Arto Day, more friends, more sports, more games, more music, and more drinks. Coming?