Photobooth: Segment Commercial Recaps

the artoholiks

This past weekend the gang and I hooked up at the GMLV studio to work on some segmented commercials. What do I mean by ‘Segmented Commercials’? Are you familiar with the Happy Hour and Urban Exploring videos posted here? Do you know that for the past two weeks we’ve been sharing brunch spots while putting together a mix of music for you on Sunday mornings? We call that Sunday’s Beats for Brunch. What about the post that features a photo timeline based around your favorite pair of sneakers titled In My Shoes?

Urban Exploring, Happy Hour, In My Shoes and Sunday’s Beats for Brunch are all part of our Original Content series also known as segments. Each segment features an Artoholik crew member and a featured guest/host. So we decided to create short videos, similar to commercials, that will feature a future host and guest that we all can share.

As usual Guru documented the process in between his recording sessions. Here are a few photos, but stayed tuned for the spots as they’ll roll out starting next week. We’re also putting together a gag reel to share some of the embarrassing moments. None of us love the camera. lol


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