It’s done! We created it, we planned it, we were excited about it and we lived it. Now it’s time to share it!

We must admit, the title “Unveil Party” left a lot of you wondering… WTH?

For the record, that wasn’t done purposely. We got so caught up into the name and what it meant to us & our event partner Van Gogh’s Ear, which in turn made us totally drop the ball on marketing the event as our annual holiday party. And all while the artwork spoke to Holidays, we sorta just threw it out there.

How selfish of us!?! LOL

But, luckily for us… It all worked out. Folks showed up, enjoyed themselves, were impressed and surprised. Just the way we planned.

The reason for the event title “The Unveil Party” had a major purpose. We worked with our Stuyvesant Avenue neighbor Van Gogh’s Ear just a few months prior to the party and helped them develop a new brand identity. While working together, we realized that we had an opportunity to do something cool.

We thought…

“Why not host our holiday party together and at the party, Van Gogh Ear’s could unveil their new branding to their friends & family while we get to show off our latest work to our peeps?”

The team at Van Gogh’s Ear loved the idea, so we got to work! They did what they do best which is catering and hosting, while we did the all of the cool stuff like, booking a DJ, getting a photo booth and designing the event tees.

It was a night of joy! Everyone was happy and all of our guests mix and mingled. Who would of thought that a cafe on Stuyvesant Avenue in Union, NJ could look like a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

There were three exciting things about the night:

  • The Unveiling of Van Gogh’s new logo
  • Van Gogh’s amazing food spread and drinks, which featured a 2011 White Wine that somehow became the talk of the party. (insider joke)
  • The photo booth! A free photo booth at that. It didn’t experience one second of downtime which means it was a hit! And we have the pictures to prove it. See the images here

We were having such a good time that we forgot to giveaway the giveaways. While cleaning up, we were already talking about next year’s party. To date, every time we head to grab food or coffee from Van Gogh, somehow, someway we always relive the night.

All that to say, check out Van Gogh’s Ear and make sure you’re in the know surrounding our future events and collaborations.