& packaging

We partner with the Opportunity Youth Network to maintain the organization’s web and social platforms by providing the assets needed to communicate their services and events. From the brand identity all the way down to monthly content creation, we keep their pipeline full.


The Artoholiks were granted the opportunity to help create the visual identity for Youth Build Newark’s parent organization, OYN. To get started, the first step was to create their look. Our mission was to develop a feeling. We wanted the look to feel like it was part of one organizational ecosystem and provide a fun, exciting edge while maintaining its significance to senior leadership, students, parents and the city.

See the sketches below.


After nailing down OYN’s look, voice and approach, we then shifted gears to focus on maintaining their brand. After the launch of the website, we developed a content plan that would allow us to consistently develop content and apply it to marketing materials and to their platforms – websites and social – on a monthly basis.


Capturing the moment for this organization is crucial because their bottom line is to transform their students lives. In addition to branding, web and content development, we support OYN by capturing key moments such as events, workshops and  ceremonies. By capturing these images, they can be leveraged for multiple uses, from developing content to providing their stakeholders with visual data.