Urban Exploring: Episode 6 – Queen Ella


In episode 6 of Urban Exploring Season 1, Iquan and Guru spent an entire day with Newark based R&B singer Queen Ella as she gets dolled-up for her show at the Apollo Theater later that evening. The two started out at popular Newark barber shop Center Stage Cuts, where they meet Queen Ella and waited for her to get her weekly unorthodox hair cut. Then the three jumped in the car and made way to Montclair, NJ to grab food from Raymonds an American New York themed restaurant located in the center of Montclair’s church street. After a nice lunch the 3 split up to get changed for Queen Ella’s Apollo Amature Night performance. Prior to this day, Iquan tagged along with Queen Ella and her crew to the Metropolitan Room in New York City as she headlined for first ever New York show.





Known for her incomparable and captivating performances…two time Apollo winner Queen Ella, born Queenella Nicole Gibson, is a full-time recording singer/songwriter with ambition. Unemployed since July of 2009, the rebellious red-head Queen Ella decided to put aside her career in International Business to pursue her career in music. She has been performing for small crowds of all ages since the age of 4. The center of her mother’s living-room was her stage; performing for friends, family, and stuffed animals is how she discovered her passion as an entertainer. Learn More[/one_third]


Barbershop for Men and Women
Center Stage Cuts is proud to offer a mix of grooming, entertainment and local retail – cuts & culture for men and women. Housed in a 19th century converted food market, we’re located on the corner of Broad and Grant Streets in downtown Newark, the arts capital of NJ. The shop is filled with artwork by emerging artisans and designers. Additionally, we host a weekly calendar of events including live bands, spoken word poetry, karaoke, and art exhibits. Learn More[/one_third]


In 1989, when Raymond Badach opened his postage-stamp-size luncheonette on Church Street, coffee was just coffee and Montclair wasn’t a mecca for New Yorkers.
One thing remains the same—our wish to provide great-tasting, fresh food at decent prices in an interesting atmosphere.
At Raymond’s you can always catch up on the local gossip, hang-out at the counter with a newspaper, or meet some new friends—especially if you’re the new kid in town. Learn More[/one_third_last]


Voted #1 Jazz Cabaret Club by New York Magazine, The Metropolitan Room is one of the most critically acclaimed venues in NYC and is known as the “Home” for big name talents and rising stars.  This famed, Flatiron District, 22nd Street bastion for singers, is located in the heart of Manhattan in the Flatiron/Chelsea District. A high-end cabaret and jazz club, the Metropolitan Room brings the best in live music to New York City. Every night of the week, at 7pm, 9:30pm and 11:30pm.  Fabulous award-winning Broadway, TV, Film and Radio performers take the stage in an intimate 115-seat atmosphere reminiscent of the golden age of cabaret.  Our renowned Chelsea club and performance space provides an intimate for a range of entertainments as diverse as New York itself. From spectacles like “The Sophisticates: Strip as it was Meant to be Teased” to performances by drag comedienne Hedda Lettuce, side-splitting comedy acts and moving cabaret sets by top Broadway stars, the 115-seat room provides the perfect setting for audience-pleasing shows, night after night. Learn More






Thank you Zac & the crew over at Medium for the care package, I felt fresh in my CREAM t-shirt. Much love to my fam out west. – Iquan
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Shout to my home girl Dove for having my hat game on point in this episode. – Iquan Cop One