WORK: Verizon Media

Have you heard of Verizon Media? Obviously, Verizon alone is huge, however their digital media arm is behind some of your favorite sites like including Tumblr, Huff Post, and Yahoo just to name a few. Back in 2018, we were hired to help VM develop the look for an internal program focused on increasing leadership and cultural competencies. This project included multiple phases and is still on going.

Prior to rolling up our sleeves and getting busy with Phase I, we worked with members from their team to study Verizon’s 100-page brand book (that’s a joke, but not really LOL). It was important for us to understand how far we could go with design. We also took the opportunity to review what other VM internal programs did when it came to design and branding. This initial process wasn’t all fun, but it’s necessary to help us learn  about the client, team and project.

In summary, we helped with:

  • Logo and Branding
  • Impactful Tagline
  • Merchandise Design (Apparel & Accessories, and
    Printed Materials, just to name a few)
  • Content Creation
  • Photography & Videography

Phase II of our engagement culminated with a trip to California to document the start of the program and to develop content to help them tell their story. Now this… is the fun part!

The Artoholik Team had to determine which resources, including team members, would be needed to accomplish the job. We had to review things like which light kit to pack, cameras to bring, how many, where we’d stay and what we’d do once we got there. Stressful right?

The event was hosted at the Yahoo Sunnyvale Campus which was only a few miles away from the infamous Silicon Valley. During our daily commute, we passed the offices of Google Cloud, Microsoft and Texas Instruments. But the real highlight came once we stepped foot on the Yahoo campus. We got to tour each building and it’s offices while scouting shooting locations.

During the workshop sessions were it felt like we documented word for word. There were so many interesting dialogs and events, so we just tried to cover every. After a few sessions, we were reminded that the added bonuses of working with our lineup of clients is amount of new information we are exposed to. It’s a lot easier to create content for brands when you can really get behind what they’re “selling”.

After spending the workdays documenting for VM, we made sure we took advantage of being in Cali. We braved the traffic and headed north to San Francisco. We stopped off at the Painted Ladies, took a walk down Haight Street, and then hit the Mission district for some Urban Exploring. The other evenings we made our way through downtown San Jose and fell in love with a two Mixology bars Paper Planes and 55 South. Both known for their innovative cocktails and good vibes.

Overall, the trip was a success! And in case you have a strange affinity for workplace food options like we do, you should know that we gave the Yahoo cafeteria, URL’s Café, 5-stars! They literally serve everything, like everything… There were so many options that we won’t even bother to give you a short list.

Sounds fun right? Here are a few fun facts about this project and our trip…

  •     It was Rasheedah’s first trip to Cali
  • We shot over (1000) images and over (200) video clips
  • We ate at Carl’s Jr. twice and didn’t go to In-N-Out Burger (in case you didn’t know, it’s a unwritten law that you must stop into an In-N-Out Burger during a Cali trip. Especially if your eating fast food)
  • We went to bed every night after 1AM and got up for work at 6AM
  • We sat in traffic for a combined 60 minutes each way (yup, that’s Cali traffic for ya’)

Stay tuned for a more in-depth showcase of the project. We’re still working with this awesome team!

Just Launched - Eat Fresh Coast

Fresh Coast is a restaurant in Newark, NJ, inspired by the healthy and flavorful foods of Hawaii & California. The team at Fresh Coast hit us up while they were planning to transition away from their old name, Ono Grinds Poke, a necessary move on their path towards being able to franchise their brand.

As part of their rebranding they approached The Artoholiks to develop a new website that would aid them in achieving their long term expansion goals, while also offering a great experience for their longtime customers.




If you keep going, eventually you’ll undoubtedly get to where you set out to go. That’s what has been happening for us here at THE ARTOHOLIKS. In 2016, two creatives with a common goal, to carry out their childhood dream of building an agency threw caution to the wind and went for it. In order to take on such big goals, we’ve had to take them one day at a time and build a winning team.

Over the past three years we’ve put in the work, in and outside the studio, with our proverbial blood, sweat, and tears dripping down our faces. We’ve had our share of challenges in a world where big agencies typically get all the glory but that didn’t stop us. We kept pressing forward, surprising even ourselves at times. Small agency, small client list, small clients… No Big Deal!

We’ve gotten good at setting goals and accomplishing them. We’ve gotten good at believing in ourselves and even better at motivating each other. It’s been working for us because we live the words we say: WE ARE ALWAYS ON; THIS IS AN OPEN FORUM FOR CREATIVITY; AND ART TRULY IS DOPE!

Our success, this journey, has taught us that what we want is always possible when met with the right attitude. We are a winning team and each of us has the stuff that champions are made of.


State Champs is our self-proclaimed title. Over the past three years, we set quarterly goals that added up to end of season goals, that then lead to big finishes.  Each year, the goals became bigger and we answered! Thanks to our friends, families, clients, and fellow Artoholiks, 2016 through 2018 has been more than a figment of our imaginations.

103 – In 2016 we kicked off the NEW Artoholiks with Scotch Porter, our 223rd client. By the end of 2018, we inked in client number 333.

100 clients in 3 years, that’s 103!

There’s no “I” in team. Whoever, created that quote ain’t never lie. During the 2016-2018 journey, we worked with consultants, interns and our growing core team. Special thanks to Dominque, Kevin, Samia, Cheyonne, Ron, Aleesha, Migdale, Justin, Aaron, Rasheedah and Iquan for crushing 2018. In this graphic, we wanted to put our spin on the classic 90’s championship tees.

Astro, our mascot, has been the pulse to our culture. Astro, reminds us everyday that we’re cool, unique and fresh. Astro also reminds us to explore, to be free and creative. Most importantly, Astro is super cool and makes for killer graphics. What better way to display championship rings?

Recap: The Unveil Party

It’s done! We created it, we planned it, we were excited about it and we lived it. Now it’s time to share it!

We must admit, the title “Unveil Party” left a lot of you wondering… WTH?

For the record, that wasn’t done purposely. We got so caught up into the name and what it meant to us & our event partner Van Gogh’s Ear, which in turn made us totally drop the ball on marketing the event as our annual holiday party. And all while the artwork spoke to Holidays, we sorta just threw it out there.

How selfish of us!?! LOL

But, luckily for us… It all worked out. Folks showed up, enjoyed themselves, were impressed and surprised. Just the way we planned.

The reason for the event title “The Unveil Party” had a major purpose. We worked with our Stuyvesant Avenue neighbor Van Gogh’s Ear just a few months prior to the party and helped them develop a new brand identity. While working together, we realized that we had an opportunity to do something cool.

We thought…

“Why not host our holiday party together and at the party, Van Gogh Ear’s could unveil their new branding to their friends & family while we get to show off our latest work to our peeps?”

The team at Van Gogh’s Ear loved the idea, so we got to work! They did what they do best which is catering and hosting, while we did the all of the cool stuff like, booking a DJ, getting a photo booth and designing the event tees.

It was a night of joy! Everyone was happy and all of our guests mix and mingled. Who would of thought that a cafe on Stuyvesant Avenue in Union, NJ could look like a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

There were three exciting things about the night:

  • The Unveiling of Van Gogh’s new logo
  • Van Gogh’s amazing food spread and drinks, which featured a 2011 White Wine that somehow became the talk of the party. (insider joke)
  • The photo booth! A free photo booth at that. It didn’t experience one second of downtime which means it was a hit! And we have the pictures to prove it. See the images here

We were having such a good time that we forgot to giveaway the giveaways. While cleaning up, we were already talking about next year’s party. To date, every time we head to grab food or coffee from Van Gogh, somehow, someway we always relive the night.

All that to say, check out Van Gogh’s Ear and make sure you’re in the know surrounding our future events and collaborations.

The Unveil Party

Holiday party with a twist!

What better time to share with our favorite supporters and customers a really big holiday treat.

The holidays are a special time of year,
To be celebrated with family, friends, and neighbors we hold dear.
Beautifully wrapped presents stacked under trees.
Packed with surprises for you and me.

Join us on Thursday, December 13th to help us celebrate the holidays.
There will be merriment, great food, booze, fun things to do and a few cool surprises for everyone, even you.

Location: Van Gogh’s Ear, 1017 Stuyvesant Avenue, Union, NJ 07083
Time: 7pm
Fun Stuff:
Red Carpet, Photo booth, Great Music, Sweet Treats


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Recap: Arto Day 2018

Arto Day 2018 was pretty amazing. We planned the day with hopes of sharing a good time with everyone that The Artoholiks holds near and dear, fellow Artoholiks and clients (past and current). We called it “the Field Day you’ve been waiting for…” And that’s exactly what it was, but the adult version. Yes, there was even a ‘field-day-shirt’. After working our asses off in the first half of 2018, we wanted a chance to kick back and unwind with the whole crew.

We ate, drank, played an INTENSE game of volleyball, it got really real, really quick. There was slick talk, diving, sliding, and a few collisions. And to top it all off, we gave out Artoholik trophies. Everyone had a great time and we have the pictures to prove it.

We’ve started something that we hope never stops. We’re already planning the 2nd Annual Arto Day, more friends, more sports, more games, more music, and more drinks. Coming?

1 Year In! A Timeline Story by Rasheedah Billups

1 Year In!

A Timeline Story by Rasheedah Billups


On November 14, 2016 I walked into The Artoholiks for my first day as a copywriter. Truth be told, as excited as I was to be joining the team, I was also nervous and unsure about how things would unfold. I was worried that my right brain had been neglected for too long. I was worried about how useful my background and skills would be on this new team.

December 17, 2016 the day I fell in love with being an Artoholik.


The new year rolled around and I was in the thick of it. By this time, the part-time schedule, I worked out for myself had become a full-time schedule. I found a rhythm. I was loving every moment of it, but talks about impending tasks and responsibilities terrified me. But I’ve got a mean poker face so I don’t think Iquan knew (cat’s out the bag now lol). I did my best to quiet the fear and kept trucking.

Spring came and The Artoholiks leveled up again and shit got real. One day I looked up and I was pumping out content for clients’ social media, managing a blog, and a load of other things I never saw myself doing. I was in it so I didn’t realize how much things had changed, how much I evolved. By this time my right brain was feeling completely loved on, the Wacom had become my favorite thing ever, I “spoke” fluent PhotoShop, Indesign, and Illustrator – lol – and I was totally dissing anyone who shot in auto mode on their camera (just a joke, no judgement).


In May I smiled. We received copies of the Scotch Porter Spring/Summer ‘17 manual  that we put together and I was the editor. This was the moment it came full circle for me. For someone who has dreams of being an award-winning author, this felt good. It felt real. This moment brought me a step closer to seeing my name on the cover of a book.


…pulled up real smooth. Much like the holiday season of ‘16 it was all love. Not only had I been growing creatively, professionally in a new field, but culturally and socially the journey had been packed with growth, new discoveries and the planting of new relationships.

November 14, 2017 we toasted to me being at The Artoholiks for one year. I was astonished. The year had flown by, my life had been transformed in so many ways. I traded in my suits for an Art Is Dope tee.

I can’t wait to see where I’ll be this time next year. 🙂

The thought of not being an Artoholik is a joke to me. Peace out!

WORK: Fresh Meat


What is Fresh Meat? Let’s start here…

Fresh: Recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved.
Meat: The flesh of an animal (especially a mammal) as food.

Now, let’s adjust and combine these two words to make them both better suit men and grooming.

Fresh: Canned but recently obtained, or otherwise cared for.
Meat: The exterior body parts of a man.

In a nutshell...

We helped with creating a product designed for men to keep their meat packing district fresh and clean anytime, anywhere. Below is a breakdown on how we helped, what we did and a look into the buzz that Fresh Meat has generated in just two weeks.


The NAME: The WORD on the street is that the Scotch Porter team, with the help of The Artoholiks developed this name within one week. This is a big deal because the Scotch Porter team had less than a month to develop, brand, package and take this product to market. So, first came the name. In a quick huddle up, the SP team determined that the name needed to be edgy, fun, and spark conversation. Unlike other Scotch Porter products, Fresh Meat needed to have a different voice. We knew this product would create uncomfortable conversations between men, because who wants to talk about smelly balls? So in order to break the ice, it would need to be funny. At the end of the day… balls need to be clean and the word balls will always be funny. Two Truths!

The BRANDING: The fun name was followed by the opportunity to have a lot of fun with what this thing would look like. Myself along with my go-to creative Aaron Brown spent a weekend developing logo and tag line concepts. The minute we landed on the name, we instantly thought… BUTCHER SHOP! Aaron and I decided that we’d both contribute concepts around the butcher shop, but we’d both exercise different fonts, shapes and styles. Below you’ll see that some are clean while others are traditional.

After a week of discussing the sketches, team Scotch Porter and The Artoholiks landed on the core logo, which lead us to building out the rest of the brand elements. From meat packing paper to a suite of icons featuring the Fresh Meat sausage.

The PACKAGING: Once all of the elements were approved, we had a strong identity, which was great because we had to quickly focus on how this thing would look and feel on the day it arrives in the customers’ hands. The goal here was to create a small package that men could carry with them daily, but also fit enough wipes that would make his purchase worthwhile. We also thought, how could this package be fun yet masculine. So we decided to roll with a black and white minimalistic approach while allowing the sausage pattern to capture the playfulness of the brand.


To support the launch of this product, we armed the Scotch Porter team with an arsenal of graphics for email blasts, social posts, digital ads, website banners, and print materials. Although this product isn’t a gimmick and truly provides a real solution for all men, the SP team produced a video that would help the product attract a viral buzz; in less than 2 weeks, this video reached 15k views.

Hey bro… Pass me a wipe, this recap got me sweating!


Words by Iquan W. Edited by Rasheedah B.

Introducing Kevin T. Lowery to Expand Management Division

Introducing Kevin T. Lowery to Expand Management Division

Ok, ok, you’ve got us! ?

Over the last couple of years, we’ve focused on equipping you with creative assets to keep your website, social channels, and various brand initiatives up-to-date. Via photo and video we’ve produced for you, we were able to leverage this process and skillset with multiple clients, creating a unique, raw and straight-forward marketing tool to power our business.

You ate it up! Content development is one of our hottest services!

I know you’re probably saying,
“What are you talking about Iquan?”

The Question: How can THE ARTOHOLIKS add value to my business?

The dark side of our business has been size and management. Because we are a the go-to choice, we get pretty busy. What happens to the other moving parts of the business when the designers are busy designing?

Are you following?

Here’s a quick scenario… We all love food, right? We know a few great spots that serve great food. And 9 times out of 10, we don’t complain about the food. We complain about the service. If the service is bad, the food becomes bad.


If we provide awesome creative services, but miss deadlines and etc., just like the restaurant scenario, clients won’t be satisfied.

In an effort to continue to grow and deliver best-in-class, nimble service, I’m happy to announce we’re now in the management game.

“How Iquan?”

Introducing Kevin T. Lowery, the latest addition to the Artoholik team. Kevin is here to save the day with his management and business background. His professional experience includes retail management, finance, and account management. Kevin’s day to day within the office will be to oversee the management team and support our creative group.

Dedicated solely to management and planning, he will have the resources and time – yes time is a resource, but we can never put too much emphasis on time – to impact our projects in a major way, streamlining them so you not only get great results, but great service as well. 🙂

Together, Kevin and I plan on pushing THE ARTOHOLIKS to the next level with dope design, rich assets, and now, strategic planning and management.

Please welcome, Kevin T. Lowery!

We Got Digital (The Follow Up)

Yup, we got digital on ya!

Back in April of this year, we announced that we dived into the digital ocean by offering a new range of online services to our existing clients such as How I Grew Today and Scotch Porter. Read that article here to catch up. And now it’s safe to say that we’re still swimming, pushing through the currents, and slowly but surely delivering added success to our clients’ businesses. Since then, some new clients came aboard and turned our tiny boat into a powerful machine that has sparked some pretty decent numbers. Below is some of the work we performed and how it generated positive results.

The Scotch Porter Digest

A Sunday morning e-blast publication featuring the latest lifestyle news from the Scotch Porter Journal (which we write and edit), content pulled from the brand’s Social Media (which we manage), and last but not least, a product feature. But, our tasks don’t stop there… We pull this publication together via design, content development, planning, scheduling, and deploying every week. Sorry for the braggadocious parentheses but a closed mouth don’t get fed. Right?

In July, the Scotch Porter Digest established monthly records in open rates (10%+) and click rates (0.5%). The four newsletters also generated over $2,000 in revenue. Lastly, we noticed the best open and click rates occurred in the afternoon versus early mornings.

10,000($) in sales

Since the start of the program ?

The Seed & The Seed Feeds

Back in April we called this job our waste management service, and we weren’t kidding. While it sounds like a joke, it’s very much real. Our use of the term waste management service has nothing to do with our beloved client and everything to do with the necessity and fundamental tasks this job entails. Not every client will need our amazing creative minds for every inch of their projects. But the fact that we can assist in other ways is very powerful. For How I Grew Today, we simply take her amazing video episodes and chop them down into snackable pieces of content. Out of a single two-minute video, we are able to create Instagram stories, episode teasers, and graphic cards for ads and promotions. Last but not least, we manage the entire video content series syndication across YouTube,, email blast, and all of her social media platforms. So, why is this valuable? Her talented videographer isn’t in the business of doing any of the above except for shooting and editing the videos.

30% increase in engagement across all platforms combined

Instagram, Facebook, Email, and .com

Pokka Pens & Lucid Bless

Good news spreads fast! Back in June, we acquired two new clients who needed help with their digital platforms. Pokka Pens came knocking first… We help Pokka with a lot of their branding needs but throughout the process, we learned that Pokka needed some digital tools such as email and social media content. Here’s how we’re helping the cute pen brand. Shortly after, along came Lucid Bliss, a premium hair care product for women who battle with alopecia and general hair loss. The brand is owned by a celebrity hairstylist who already manages two of her other Instagram profiles, one personal and one salon. So she hired THE ARTOHOLIKS to manage the product’s profile by creating and deploying content.

1,500($) in automation emails

abandoned cart series, welcome series, and monthly activations