We love cafés and consider ourselves well versed when it comes to the café experience

this was a fun and beautifully executed project...

In January, we completed work for an amazing café opening in Los Angeles. This project was like a match made in heaven.? Aside from the fact that we love cafés and this client of ours is THEE MAN when it comes to everything café, this project gave us the opportunity to pull ?out all the stops as we took the La Matcha brand from concept to manifestation.

When Royce (check him out in Urban Exploring Season 2, Episode 1), our client from LA, came to us for help with building his dream café, we were super excited. We developed three logo and brand concepts, each just as dope as the next.? We crafted a brand that fit nicely with the parent company Table Diaries. We wanted to ensure there was seamless integration between the two correlating brands.

We dove into the project head first. My two hittas, Iquan and Aaron, approached the design from two different perspectives. Iquan and Aaron, the two illest designers ever,?? approached the design from two different perspectives. We wanted to make sure we considered every angle as we created the perfect look, feel, and voice for this LA spot. Between the two of them, Iquan and Aaron crafted a selection of stellar concepts. Royce loved them all but of course decided on one. That was easy.  (Disclaimer, creating through your passion can add a level of ease to nearly anything.)

Fast forward a little, Aaron and Migdale, our junior designer, were doing some research, scoping the scene for inspiration and BAM, they found a gem.  Inspired by a small spot in Central Jersey, came the creation of the sketch treatment seen in the La Matcha branding below.

This project was definitely had the fun-factor, playing on our obsession with cafés and our love for design.