Sometimes a new outfit (look) makes a big difference...

In January we wrapped up the first phase of a project with Pooka Pure and Simple, a skin and hair care product line.  When Pooka approached us, they were already an established business with a look and a loyal customer base and had already set up shop in Whole Foods, kind of a big deal. Right?

Pooka came to us in need of a new look.  The owner of Pooka wanted to maintain the heart of the brand while giving it a feel that made it stand out from its competitors.  Boy did we deliver! We crafted a new logo and branding that spoke to the liveliness and vitality of Pooka Pure and Simple.

We are now working with Pooka to select the perfect jars and bottles for new packaging solutions.  So, standby… Pooka will love it,  and we’re sure you will too. ?