Urban Exploring: Episode 7 – Smorgasburg


Episode 7 is totally a wild card episode. As we work towards ending season 1 of Urban Exploring we had two other episodes already filmed and in line for publishing. But this past weekend Iquan and Guru set out to have their weekly bike ride throughout NYC and this time the duo dared themselves to ride across the Williamsburg Bridge ending up in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. After a few blocks of riding they ended up at the weekly food festival by Brooklyn Flea Market called Smorgasburg, where they discovered a ton of people and smelled an array of delicious food. Come to find out Iquan was familiar with the event but never really shared it the way he normally would. Long story short, the guys ended up documenting their hangout and created another episode filled with fresh and yummy discoveries. Enjoy!




Smorgasburg happens in two locations every weekend: Saturdays at East River State Park—Kent Ave. and N. 7 St.—on the Williamsburg waterfront; and Sundays at Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 5. Both locations are open from 11am to 6pm, and feature packaged and prepared foods, beverages, and more from purveyors from New York City and across the region, for a total of 75-100 vendors. The markets are always open rain or shine. For all inquiries, please email us at info@brooklynflea.com. Learn More



Potpuri is a labor of love to bring authentic Indian street fare to NYC. Different than most Indian food, this food is cooling and refreshing on a hot day and entirely vegetarian and organic. We are very excited to be a part of the Saturday Food/Flea market on the Williamsburg waterfront. Learn More[/one_third]


Pizza Moto cooks made-to order, wood-fired Pizza in our one-of-a-kind ovens. Over the years we have designed and built 4 mobile ovens, which can be found all over Brooklyn and Manhattan between April and November. Customers’ overwhelming curiosity and excitement about our ovens, our pizza, and our tinkering ways inspired us to keep searching for engineering projects in the pizza-verse. Learn More[/one_third]


Anchovies. Highly traveled and beloved around the world. Though they’re called by a variety of names, from Spain to China to the U.S., they represent a global tradition of small fish recipes and sea-borne nutrition. What’s more, these guys are pivotal in global food security and reduction of our environmental footprint; if you want to make a difference, well, the way to do it is by eating a little lower on the food chain – it’s true! – which reduces pollution AND resource consumption.  Learn More[/one_third_last]



Asiadogs are hot dogs with Asian-inspired toppings. Born from a love of NYC, we wanted to push the limits of one of its most popular street foods by adding our own personal touch with super-fresh ingredients.

Coming from mixed Asian backgrounds, we celebrate NYC’s diversity by incorporating flavors found in China, Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and more. Learn More[/one_third]


Cornbread has gone from side dish to being sidelined. The soul of cornbread lives mostly in your long-lost southern relative or haunts an obscure hole in the wall restaurant. The retail alternative just doesn’t cut the cake, so to speak. Jack’s Chedbred is here to revive this authentic All-American classic and get it back in the game and on your table. Learn More[/one_third]


Mr. Cutters is the ONLY Barbadian/Bajan food stand in NY that serves the traditional sandwich known as a “cutter.” So what exactly is a Cutter? Cutters are found in many of the island’s rum shops and street stands and are made using salt bread (a Bajan bread roll) and filled with anything delicious such as fish, ham, or cheese. Learn More[/one_third_last]




Jersey emcee/producer James Watts blessed us with four tracks for Season 2 of Urban Exploring however we couldn’t wait to use at least one. The track used in this episode is titled “Is this love” and we choose to use this one because of the slow build up. It give the feeling that something is coming. James is far from a discovery to us, he is actually a long time friend of the crew and produced all the tracks on Aaron Brown’s Poetry Album earlier in the year. For more on James and his music Click Here