Urban Exploring: Episode 3 – Sunday's Beats for Brunch

In our third episode of Urban Exploring, IquanW hops in a cab with Guru and DJ Ream Supreme to check out “Sunday’s Beats for Brunch” at Pianos in the LES of Manhattan. As the crowd enjoyed food and drinks, Laytonic, El Siete, DJ Polarity and The Grand Affair each had an hour to bless the crowd with good music. Enjoy this mini recap of event.


“Sundays Beats for Brunch was once just an idea, but with a little bit of time, networking, and getting to know one another, Laytonic’s idea for Sunday’s Beats for Brunch came to fruition.

It’s always astounding when something imagined or pictured in the mind becomes a reality, but when that reality becomes a successful idea, it just let’s you know that you were born to create.

To us, this day was a success not because of the number of people that attended or because of the amount of money made, but for the simple fact that all of our friends that share the same story as creators were here to witness an idea turn into a goal. That goal became Sunday’s Beats for Brunch.” – IquanW